Workbench ONE

Every woodworking shop needs a workbench.   In 2003 when I first started my work shop I had a very few tools.   I did have a barely working table saw,  a chop saw and a Kreg Pocket Hole jig.    So I decided that a solid core door workbench would work for me.

It is 32″ x 80″  ( a door !! ).  It is 36″ tall.    I put 5 coats of  polyurethane as a finish on the veneer top.  The base was all 2×4 framing lumber.   I cut the 2×4’s on the chop saw.   I designed the base with all double 2×4’s that all had overlapping joints.  So each connection had a butt joint and an over lapped joint.  Kreg pocket holes for but joints and screws into the lapped joints.  The previous home owner had left me 5 full sheets of 1/2 plywood.  This was used for the bottom shelf and end panels.  These panels gave the overall rigid structure to the design.

The bench is now 10 years old.  I have added a Lee Valley Inset vise for better holding.   The bench also got electrified with plugs on both ends.  ( Very useful ).

Each picture has descriptions of specific parts of the bench.