2013 – Router Fence Rebuild

One thing leads to another…  OR Unintended consequences

My new JessEm Clear-Cut Stock Guide required T Track installation.  The old MDF blew out when tightened.   So  I had to have new Router Fences.

I had a piece of 1″ Phenolic plywood which would be great for these fences.   My plan was to use T Track router bits to create new T Tracks in the plywood.   This did not work.   I am not sure if better bits would have made a difference, but what I had failed !!! ( See pictures ).

So the second plan used aluminum T Tracks.  So dadoes were cut and T Tracks installed.   It all made sense.

The problem occurred using epoxy.   I am not familiar with epoxy and ended up with the glue setting up too fast and not getting the T Tracks  installed correctly.    Also the issue of squeeze out was really messy.   In the end, the track not being seated correctly caused the fence not to seat against the fence base.   So I am now going to rebuild again.