2013 – New White Shelves

It all started when I decided I needed to create a Plane and Saw till.   My Planes and back saws need a home.   I do not like cabinets.  I like everything accessible.   So the Plane till needed to be like the Lie Nielsen display which is just a slanted board with places for each plane.

This means that the white tool board ( been around for 10 years ) would have to be re-arranged.  So I needed space to create some drawers, so I needed to move the battery powered tools, so I needed to create somewhere for the battery powered tools to live.

So I need a new set of shelves.  I had the perfect dead space in front of the furnace and hot water heater.

So I now have a new set of shelves !!!  This is just a basic build with plywood, dadoes and rabbits.   Lots of 18g nail gun work.

The pictures tell the story.