2008 – Saw Stop Cabinet

After I got the SawStop setup and starting using it, I knew I had to build a new under the table cabinet.   I was accustomed to having all my tools easily accessilble.   I also do not like clutter on my saw top.   It is really dangerous and also a hazard to your tools.

So I started thinking about what I wanted.   I needed to store the Saw Stops parts.   Wrenches,  blade inserts,  dado cartridge and other tools used often at the table saw.    The picture will show the solution.   The cabinet is 32″ wide, 30 1/4″ tall and 24″ deep.   The really important feature of this saw is the “open face” top drawer, or sliding tray.   I LOVE IT !!!   It is very functional and really works well to store stuff.   The top tray is 28″ wide and 21″ deep.

The project was started November 23, 2008 and the last pictures were May 30th, 2009.    The design started in my had and on scratch designs earlier.   My projects start in my head and mature with scratch drawing and test measurements.   The progress to some final drawings.  Final measurements are made as the project progresses.

As of this writing,  December 2013,  the design has been validated many times over.

The pictures tell the story, click on 1st picture for a slide show.