2008 – Cyclone Dust Collection – Duct Work

As I was building my shop, I read on so many forums the concerns about dust in the shop.  The granddaddy of all dust collection sites is the BillPentz.com site.  This is the site that has been a reference to anyone considering dust colletion and cyclone systems.

I read and read the forums.  I made two conclusions.  First, everyone who had a DC and then upgraded to a cyclone wished they had just started with a cyclone system.  And second, I looked at all of the systems, ClearView, Gorrila, Penn State and Grizzly.  I also concluded they would all work and purchased based on price, service and reputation.

I choose the Grizzly G0441.   I first had to consider how to get it delievered and into the basement.  Grizzly offers lift gate delievery.  I decided that I could get it delivered and then break it down and wheel the piece into the basement.  So that’s what happened.