2007 – Grizzly 8″ Jointer

I knew that I needed a jointer.   Again, after reading and observing many forum threads I decided two things.   First I wanted an 8″ jointer.    I would love to have a 12″ but that was really out of the question.   Second, I wanted a sprial cutter head.   I had some experience re-installing jointer cutter blades.  It was always very difficult.   The sprial cutter head with individual small cutters just made sense.    I was not personally aware of the excellent cutting properties of the sprial cutter head.

I chose the Grizzly G0593 with Sprial Cutter head.   In 2007 this was $925 + $144 shipping.  In 2013 this is now ??

Of course it was truck freight for 579 pounds.  So the first problem was getting it to the basement.  Thanks to some friends at work and a free lunch we got the coffin link box to the shop.  That is where the pictures start.