Big Green Egg Table

In 2009 we became the proud owners of a Big Green Egg.   This original ceramic barbecue grill and slow smoker.   We purchased a “large” unit.

All of the BGE retailers sell various style of table for the unit.  These vary widely in the wood used and the build methods.   Many are fast production units using staples for the primary fastener.  Not really attractive.    There are many plans available online.

After studying all of these plans I created a design that hides all construction.   This creates a very finished looking piece of deck furniture.    I decided to use Ash to build my unit.

As a result of this build I have made two more of these units with good friends.   These all have the same build characteristics but with each owners preferences in wood and construction.

The pictures below show the finished unit after it was completed.  Four years later this is still used often with great results.